Whether you’re a keen amateur or a passionate professional, SNAP HAPPY is the show for you. Join Jason and Maddie as they seek to discover what makes photography one of Australia’s most popular pastimes.

Jason shares with us practical tips and techniques we can use in our own photography; knowledge he has gained from decades of experience, travelling the world as a natural history photographer.

Maddie meets up with some of Australia’s most well-known, respected and unique photographers. She wants to know what drives the passion of these modern day storytellers.

All this and more on SNAP HAPPY: the photography show!


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Meet the hosts

​Jason Edwards
National Geographic Photographer

National Geographic’s Jason Edwards has been at the forefront of natural history photography for nearly two decades.

Drawing upon his skills as an environmentalist, animal scientist, indigenous patron, historian and National Geographic stalwart, Jason is an entertaining and insightful presenter.

Maddison-Clare Sloane
Model / Photographer

Maddison-Clare has experience on both sides of the lens. As a child, she spent much of her time taking photos and developing them in her own home made darkroom.

Maddie now works as a catwalk and photographic model. Her experience and knowledge bring a unique perspective to the art of photography.

Episode guide

image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Jason travels to the top end of Australia where he visits Kakadu National Park, to get up close and personal with wildlife, ancient rock art and breathtaking scenery. Maddie looks at the evolution of the selfie and discusses with Jason why it is a good idea to print your digital images. We find out what’s in Ken Duncan’s kit and Jason photographs an impressive fire show at the Mindil Markets in Darwin.

Products featured: Joby Gorilla Pod, Lumix GF7, Snapfish, Selfie Stick, Nikon (Jason), Phase One (Ken Duncan), Lumix GX-7 (Ken Duncan), Lumix 3D1 (Ken Duncan), Linhoff (Ken Duncan).
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Maddie Sloane meets up with world-renowned panoramic photographer, Ken Duncan, for an early morning lesson in photographing a sunrise. Afterwards they take a tour of Ken’s gallery where they discuss some of his favourite images. Jason Edwards road tests the Lowepro Pro Trekker and chats with Carly O’Neill, a photographer that has been working on a special project. We find out what’s in Wolfgang Glowacki’s kit and meet Sophie Daley, who photographs Maddie on the beach during golden hour. Finally, Ken Duncan gives us some tips for taking stunning landscape shots on his Lumix GX-7.

Products featured: Lowepro Pro Trekker, Lumix GX7 (Ken Duncan), Canon (Wolfgang Glowacki, Sophie Daley, Carly O’Neill), Phase One (Ken Duncan)
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Jason Edwards travels to Tasmania to find and photograph the elusive Fagus tree. He checks out the Wilderness Gallery at Cradle Mountain, which displays the work of Wolfgang Glowacki, the artist behind some stunning landscape and macro photography. Maddie Sloane tells us about her recent trip to Morocco and how she has made a photo book of her adventures. We meet Paul Arnold, a panoramic photographer that captures amazing images from the Aussie outback. Jason road tests the Tamron 15-30mm wide angle lens and reflects on what life would have been like for the convicts at the Port Arthur historic site.

Products featured: Snapfish photo books, Tamron 15-30mm Lens, Phase One (Paul Arnold), Canon (Wolfgang Glowacki), Nikon (Jason) 
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Jason Edwards meets Karen Alsop, the creator of Story Art, and discovers how she uses photography to create fantasy artwork. Karen shows us what’s in her kit and gives us some tips for shooting on the go. Maddie Sloane talks to Scott Mellish from Panasonic, who gives us some advice on choosing the right camera. Jason shows us how to shoot a waterfall and takes us through his workflow, from creation to print, with Jeremy Daalder of Image Science. Also, we meet Chris Nobs for some tips on getting a huge Instagram following.

Products featured

Panasonic Lumix Range, Image Science, Canon (Karen Alsop, Chris Nobs), Nikon (Jason), Sony A6000 (Karen Alsop), iPhone 6 (Karen Alsop) 
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Jason Edwards travels along the Victorian shipwreck coast to photograph the 12 Apostles from a helicopter. Afterwards, he visits Otway Fly Treetop Adventures to capture the rainforest canopy from a 50-meter tower. Maddie Sloane talks with Sophie Daley for some tips on getting great portrait shots on a smart phone camera and we find out what’s in her kit. Jason road tests the Lumix GH4 and discovers that size doesn’t matter. Finally, Jason catches up with Barrie Sutherland, an old surfer mate who has been photographing Bells Beach for decades.

Products featured: Lumix GH4, Canon (Sophie Daley), Nikon (Jason), iPhone 6 (Sophie Daley)
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Maddie Sloane meets up with Ryan Schembri, the youngest photographer to become an AIPP master. Ryan shows us what’s in his kit and gives us some tips on avoiding wedding faux pas. Jason Edwards visits the Michael’s Camera Museum in Melbourne and gets his hands on some unique items. Wolfgang Glowacki shows us how we can take macro photos on our smart phone cameras and Jason road tests the Cokin Creative Filter System. Finally, interior designer, James Treble, gives Maddie some tips for displaying prints in her home.

Products featured: Cokin Creative Filter System, Snapfish canvas/glass/woodblock prints, Lowepro (Ryan Schembri), Canon (Ryan Schembri), Nikon (Jason), iPhone 6 (Wolfgang Glowacki), Michael’s Camera Video Digital 


---> Jason Edwards travels along the Great Ocean Road looking for photo opportunities. He comes across Otway Fly Treetop Adventures, a wilderness area with raised walkways and even a 50 meter tower, that gives a unique perspective of the forest canopy. Jason gives us some tips on photographing the landscape, and gives us some insight into macro photography.
---> Maddie looks at the origins of the 'selfie' and how it has evolved. She gets her hands on the Lumix GF7 and a JOBY Gorilla Pod for some advanced selfie action!
---> Find out what Ken Duncan has in his camera kit. You might be surprised!
---> Renowned interior designer, James Treble, gives Maddie some tips on decorating her home with prints. Thanks to Snapfish for providing the canvas, glass and photo block prints.


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