Whether you’re a keen amateur or a passionate professional, SNAP HAPPY is the show for you. Join Jason and Maddie as they seek to discover what makes photography one of Australia’s most popular pastimes.

Jason shares with us practical tips and techniques we can use in our own photography; knowledge he has gained from decades of experience, travelling the world as a natural history photographer.

Maddie meets up with some of Australia’s most well-known, respected and unique photographers. She wants to know what drives the passion of these modern day storytellers.

All this and more on SNAP HAPPY: the photography show!

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Meet the hosts

Maddison-Clare Sloane
Model / Photographer

Maddison-Clare has experience on both sides of the lens. As a child, she spent much of her time taking photos and developing them in her own home made darkroom.

Maddie now works as a catwalk and photographic model. Her experience and knowledge bring a unique perspective to the art of photography.

​Jason Edwards
National Geographic Photographer

National Geographic’s Jason Edwards has been at the forefront of natural history photography for nearly two decades.

Drawing upon his skills as an environmentalist, animal scientist, indigenous patron, historian and National Geographic stalwart, Jason is an entertaining and insightful presenter.

Episode guide

In the first episode, Maddie meets up with Fujifilm ambassador, Markus Andersen, for a lesson in street photography. Meanwhile, Jason is in Far North Queensland to travel on the Kuranda Scenic Railway, photograph the markets and experience the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. In a new segment, we follow Jason around the world on a National Geographic assignment – this week he is at one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Macchu Pichuu. The Living Room’s, James Treble, returns to help a young photographer decorate his home with his own prints.
In this episode, Maddie chats with Griffin Hammond, a New York City based filmmaker, about how he uses the Lumix GH5 to produce stunning documentaries. Jason heads to the Red Centre to give us some tips on landscape photography on the ground and from the air. He also shares with us from a recent trip to Easter Island. We travel to country NSW with Megan Lewis, to go behind the scenes of a heart-warming shoot she did there.
In this episode, Maddie goes on a shoot with Peter Eastway, for some tips on long exposure landscape photography. Jason takes Maddie out on the Great Barrier Reef for a diving expedition. In our ‘Around the World’ series, Jason heads to Kathmandu for a very special burial ceremony, and also photographs some weavers in Peru. Finally, Maddie checks out the Lumix TZ90 travel camera.
In this episode, Jason gets snap happy at the Uluru Camel Cup. Maddie chats with documentary photographer, Michael Coyne, about a recent trip to Borneo. Traveling with Jason around the world we visit the Potala Temple in China and find out why you should get up really early. We chat to Karen Alsop about a special project she is working on and how she integrates Wacom products into her workflow. Finally, Jason begins selecting and processing images for a photographic portfolio.
In this episode, Jason photographs one of the most bio diverse locations on the planet, The Daintree Rainforest. Maddie chats to Lisa Saad about her unique brand of photographic art and gets some handy tips for taking food photography. Jason travels to Cambodia to capture some photogenic cultural sites and creates his photographic portfolio using the Snapfish website. And finally, we review and road test the Lumix GH5 to see what it is capable of.
In this episode, Jason revisits a shoot he did for Australian Geographic, about the wild horse population in Australia. Maddie chats to celebrity photographer, Gary Heery, and discusses the benefits of using the new Fujifilm GFX. Jason reports back from awe-inspiring Petra, Jordan. We put the Fujifilm XT-2 through its paces and look more closely at the Wacom Intuos Pro.
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 1: Ray Martin's World

In episode one, we discover why Ray Martin describes himself as a ‘feral photographer’, and why he likes taking photos more than writing. Jason Edwards visits Taronga Zoo to photograph the Chimpanzees during their morning feed. Maddie Clare-Sloane shows us just how easy it is to print our photos through the Snapfish website. Jason puts the FujiFilm XT-2 through its paces and gives us some post-production tips.

Products featured: FujiFilm XT-2, Snapfish Prints, Ray Martin’s kit (Lumix GX8, Lumix FZ-1000, Lumix 100-400mm lens, Lumix 7-14mm lens, Lumix 12-35mm lens), Adobe Lightroom.
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 2: Steve Parish

In this episode, Maddie meets up with one of Australia’s most loved nature photographers, Steve Parish, for some tips on photographing wildlife. Meanwhile, Jason is in the Dandenong Ranges in pursuit of the elusive Lyrebird. We find out how to make our own professional grade calendars at home, and Jason takes a close look at the impressive Lumix 100-400mm telephoto zoom lens.

Products featured: Lumix 100-400mm lens, Snapfish calendars, Lumix GX85, Steve Parish’s kit (Nikon D800, Nikon 24-70mm lens, Nikon 70-200mm lens, Nikon D3S, Nikon 16-24mm lens, Nikon macro lighting, Canon 1DX)
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 3: Megan Lewis

In this episode, Maddie catches up with documentary photographer, Megan Lewis, to discuss some projects that are close to her heart. Jason visits the Blue Mountains for the first time and discovers for himself why it’s a national treasure. We find out how Wacom can improve your photographic workflow with their range of pen tablets. Jason shoots a massive bon fire, and we find out a low cost yet professional way to get our own photos printed onto canvas.

Products featured: Wacom range, Snapfish canvas prints, Megan Lewis’s kit (X Pro2, Fujifilm XT-2, Fujifilm X100T, Fujifilm 23mm lens, Fujifilm 16-55mm lens) 
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 4: World Photo Adventures

In this episode, Maddie chats with Darran Leal to find out about his family’s world photo adventures. Jason is in his hometown of Melbourne, to give us some tips on shooting street photography. Maddie visits fashion week in Sydney to find out how to get the ultimate catwalk shot. Jason road tests three lenses from Fujifilm and finds out that great things can come in small packages. Finally, Maddie tells us about a recent holiday to Bali and shows us how she made a photo book of her trip.

Products featured: Fujifilm 100-400mm lens, Fujifilm 16mm lens, Fujifilm 35mm lens, Fujifilm XT-2, Snapfish photo books, Darran Leal’s kit (Canon 24-105mm lens, Canon 16-35mm lens, Canon 100-400 lens)
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 5: Newborn Photography by Jade

In this episode, Jade Gao gives us some great tips for taking newborn photography. Meanwhile, Jason visits Sydney’s Vivid Festival, which is described as a photographers delight. James Treble is back to give Maddie some tips for decorating her apartment with prints. Jason talks about ethical photography and we look at the range of custom photo gifts from Snapfish.

Products featured: Snapfish prints, Jade Gao’s kit (Nikon D4S, Nikon D750, Sigma 50mm 1.4, Sigma 35mm F1.4, Baby Shusher), Snapfish photo gifts
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 6: Marcus Bell

In this episode, Maddie catches up with Marcus Bell, a wedding and studio based photographer, who shows us how he integrates Wacom products into his workflow. Meanwhile, Jason is at Melbourne’s SEALIFE Aquarium to swim with the sharks. Maddie and Jason visit Wentworth Falls together, to road test the Lumix GX-85 and the TZ-110. Finally, we find out how to make greeting cards at home with our own photographs.

Products featured: Lumix GX-85, Lumix TZ-110, Wacom Cintiq Companion, Wacom Cintiq Touch, Marcus Bell’s kit (Nikon D750, Nikon 58mm F1.4 lens, Nikon 85mm F1.8 lens) 
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 1: The Top End

Jason travels to the top end of Australia where he visits Kakadu National Park, to get up close and personal with wildlife, ancient rock art and breathtaking scenery. Maddie looks at the evolution of the selfie and discusses with Jason why it is a good idea to print your digital images. We find out what’s in Ken Duncan’s kit and Jason photographs an impressive fire show at the Mindil Markets in Darwin.

Products featured: Joby Gorilla Pod, Lumix GF7, Snapfish, Selfie Stick, Nikon (Jason), Phase One (Ken Duncan), Lumix GX-7 (Ken Duncan), Lumix 3D1 (Ken Duncan), Linhoff (Ken Duncan).
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 2: Ken Duncan

Maddie Sloane meets up with world-renowned panoramic photographer, Ken Duncan, for an early morning lesson in photographing a sunrise. Afterwards they take a tour of Ken’s gallery where they discuss some of his favourite images. Jason Edwards road tests the Lowepro Pro Trekker and chats with Carly O’Neill, a photographer that has been working on a special project. We find out what’s in Wolfgang Glowacki’s kit and meet Sophie Daley, who photographs Maddie on the beach during golden hour. Finally, Ken Duncan gives us some tips for taking stunning landscape shots on his Lumix GX-7.

Products featured: Lowepro Pro Trekker, Lumix GX7 (Ken Duncan), Canon (Wolfgang Glowacki, Sophie Daley, Carly O’Neill), Phase One (Ken Duncan)
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 3: Tasmania

Jason Edwards travels to Tasmania to find and photograph the elusive Fagus tree. He checks out the Wilderness Gallery at Cradle Mountain, which displays the work of Wolfgang Glowacki, the artist behind some stunning landscape and macro photography. Maddie Sloane tells us about her recent trip to Morocco and how she has made a photo book of her adventures. We meet Paul Arnold, a panoramic photographer that captures amazing images from the Aussie outback. Jason road tests the Tamron 15-30mm wide angle lens and reflects on what life would have been like for the convicts at the Port Arthur historic site.

Products featured: Snapfish photo books, Tamron 15-30mm Lens, Phase One (Paul Arnold), Canon (Wolfgang Glowacki), Nikon (Jason) 
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 4: Story Art

Jason Edwards meets Karen Alsop, the creator of Story Art, and discovers how she uses photography to create fantasy artwork. Karen shows us what’s in her kit and gives us some tips for shooting on the go. Maddie Sloane talks to Scott Mellish from Panasonic, who gives us some advice on choosing the right camera. Jason shows us how to shoot a waterfall and takes us through his workflow, from creation to print, with Jeremy Daalder of Image Science. Also, we meet Chris Nobs for some tips on getting a huge Instagram following.

Products featured

Panasonic Lumix Range, Image Science, Canon (Karen Alsop, Chris Nobs), Nikon (Jason), Sony A6000 (Karen Alsop), iPhone 6 (Karen Alsop) 
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 5: The Great Ocean Road

Jason Edwards travels along the Victorian shipwreck coast to photograph the 12 Apostles from a helicopter. Afterwards, he visits Otway Fly Treetop Adventures to capture the rainforest canopy from a 50-meter tower. Maddie Sloane talks with Sophie Daley for some tips on getting great portrait shots on a smart phone camera and we find out what’s in her kit. Jason road tests the Lumix GH4 and discovers that size doesn’t matter. Finally, Jason catches up with Barrie Sutherland, an old surfer mate who has been photographing Bells Beach for decades.

Products featured: Lumix GH4, Canon (Sophie Daley), Nikon (Jason), iPhone 6 (Sophie Daley)
image-514491-EP01 - NT.jpg?1444107835704
Episode 6: Ryan Schembri

Maddie Sloane meets up with Ryan Schembri, the youngest photographer to become an AIPP master. Ryan shows us what’s in his kit and gives us some tips on avoiding wedding faux pas. Jason Edwards visits the Michael’s Camera Museum in Melbourne and gets his hands on some unique items. Wolfgang Glowacki shows us how we can take macro photos on our smart phone cameras and Jason road tests the Cokin Creative Filter System. Finally, interior designer, James Treble, gives Maddie some tips for displaying prints in her home.

Products featured: Cokin Creative Filter System, Snapfish canvas/glass/woodblock prints, Lowepro (Ryan Schembri), Canon (Ryan Schembri), Nikon (Jason), iPhone 6 (Wolfgang Glowacki), Michael’s Camera Video Digital 


SNAP HAPPY: The Photography Show
Series 3 Preview
Maddie catches up with James Treble to help decorate her new apartment with prints - with some fabulous results! For the full episode visit
Jason Edwards takes the FujiFilm XT2 on the road to run it through it's paces! For the full episode visit
Maddie visits the Wacom showroom to find out how pen tablets can improve the post production workflow for a photographer. For the full episode visit
Jason Edwards takes the Lumix 100-400mm telephoto zoom lens out on the road to put it through its paces. For the full episode visit
---> Maddie looks at the origins of the 'selfie' and how it has evolved. She gets her hands on the Lumix GF7 and a JOBY Gorilla Pod for some advanced selfie action!
---> Find out what Ken Duncan has in his camera kit. You might be surprised!
---> Renowned interior designer, James Treble, gives Maddie some tips on decorating her home with prints. Thanks to Snapfish for providing the canvas, glass and photo block prints.


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